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​Some general enquiries...

  • I noticed when creating a new blog. That the plugin, is treating the blog as a new 'question' and not a new blog (as a separate entity) is this intentional and can that be altered to refer specifically to blog only items?

  • If the plugin is added to an established Q2A site. Can the blog categories be separted from the Q2A categories?

Given the massive potential of this plugin. The above points are relatively minor. But it would be 'tidier' if they could be addressed. Other than that, this does pretty much what it says on the tin and overall, it's a valuable (must have) addition to any Q2A site!

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Here are my answers ,

1 . When you use blog plugin , it create a separate URL for all blog functionality . When you access this will create normal questions . If you want to create posts then you need to navigate to

2. You have all flexibility to change the base blog URL something like - notes , pages , posts (What ever you want ) . So at that time you need to access new post page like this

3. It is a completely separate system having separate tags and categories . You can set the Categories from Admin Panel . You can also have flexibility like creating sub-categories upto 4 levels , delete category and assign posts to another categories , assign unassigned posts to a specific categories and many more .


Hope you will like the features .
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Thanks for the replies.
You are welcome .. :)
Also good thing is that you can control everything from Admin Panel

Hey There!

This website is the demo of Donut theme.
This is using the blog tool plugin and the blogs are set as the home page.
That's why the home page will look bit different than the regular q2a websites.
You can learn more about blog tool plugin here.
You can download the Donut theme here.
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