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Per drop, more crop" is not just a fanciful slogan; it is a dire necessity. In fact, this motto ideally needs to be expanded to "per drop, more crop - more reward" to add an income element to it as well. This objective can be realised through easy-to-adopt and cost-effective technologies and agronomic practices that can raise farm output with less water.

India is not an inherently water-short country. Its average total annual rainfall of around 1,200 mm, including pre-monsoon and winter showers, is higher than the world average of 990 mm. This should normally suffice to meet the country's critical needs. That, unfortunately, is not the case. The reasons are well known. The bulk of this rainfall (nearly 890 mm) is received in the four-month monsoon season (June to September). The spatial spread of the rains, too, is highly skewed - from a mere 100 mm in western Rajasthan to 11,000 mm in Meghalaya's Cherrapunji. This necessitates better management of water in terms of its storage, distribution and economical use. Otherwise, a sizeable part of the rainwater will continue to flow down wastefully to the seas, eroding precious soil in its trail.
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